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Use with other libraries

You can use RTK Query Loader with most other similar query-fetching libraries. This is possible through the use of resolvers.


Although rtk-query-loader was build with @reduxjs/toolkit in mind, the underlying principles can be applied to any similar data loading solution.

Tanstack Query

See example on CodeSandbox

import {
UseQueryResult as TanstackUseQueryResult,
} from "@tanstack/react-query";

const tanstackResolver = <T extends unknown>(
query: TanstackUseQueryResult<T>
): UseQueryResult<T> & {
original_query: TanstackUseQueryResult<T>;
} => ({
isLoading: query.isLoading,
isFetching: query.isFetching,
isSuccess: query.isSuccess,
isError: query.isError,
error: query.error,
isUninitialized: !query.isFetchedAfterMount,
originalArgs: null,
refetch: () => query.refetch(),
endpointName: undefined,
original_query: query,

const useTanstackQuery = <T extends unknown>(
args: UseQueryOptions<T>
) => tanstackResolver(useQuery(args));

This is how you would use it:

import { useTanstackQuery } from "../loader-resolvers";

const loader = createLoader({
useQueries: () => {
const repoData = useTanstackQuery({
queryKey: ["repoData"],
queryFn: () =>
).then((res) => res.json() as Promise<RepoDataResponse>),

return {
queries: {

The output format will obviously be a bit different, but in this example you have access to the original query at the .original_query property.

Other libraries

If you are interested in creating resolvers for other libraries, you can edit this page and then submit a pull request on GitHub to share your resolver here, as an npm package, or with the code embedded directly in the docs.

Use with promises

If you want to use RTK Query Loader with promises, you can read more about that on the useCreateQuery reference page.